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SAU Upward Bound


Upward Bound



About Us 

Upward Bound is a program designed to motivate students to improve their grades in high school and go on to earn a college degree within six years after being admitted into college. This is accomplished by providing cultural and academic activities as well as personal attention 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Students planning to attend college upon high school graduation who could benefit most from Upward Bound Services 
  • Students meeting either of the following conditions 
    • Neither parent has earned a four year degree
    • Family income represents economic need



Academic Year- (September -May) 

Meetings are held on the University campus to help students with homework, ACT tests, financial aid, and college applications. Meetings are required, and students get paid for attending. 

  • After school sessions are held twice a month for students attending Bradley, Camden, El Dorado, Emerson, Lafayette County, Magnolia, and Taylor schools 
  • Saturday morning sessions are held once a month for students attending Arkansas High, Hope, Blevins, Nevada, and Prescott schools.
  • Field trips and cultural activites also take place throughout the year. Participants receive a monthly stipend check based upon grades and program participation. 


  • During the months of June and July, Upward Bound students reside on the SAU campus and take enrichment classes
  • Each student fully participating in the six-week summer component receives a stipend check each week. 
  • Classes are held Monday-Thursday. All students attend classes in English, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Language. Additional subjects might include drama, dance, or art. 


Work Study Program 

Each year, qualifying rising seniors participate in our work study program and earn up to $600 during the summer. 


Bridge Program (graduating seniors only) 

Graduating seniors attend college summer school classes at Souther Arkansas University for free! These students take college-level classes at no cost for tuition, books, fees, housing, or meals. They also receive monthly checks for successful summer participation. 



Upward Bound awards three $5,000 scholarships each year to qualified Upward Bound graduating seniors or former participants who plan to attend Southern Arkansas University. 


How Do I Apply? 

If you are in the 8th,9th, or 10th grade and are interested in participating in Upward Bound, application forms should be available in your guidance counselor’s office. No person shall be denied admission on the basis of race, color, sex, handicap, or national origin. 


Click here to apply

Return any applications to the CFHS Counselor’s Office



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