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Enrollment Information

Registration Information

Requirements for Admission

Prior to the child’s admission to a District school:

  1. The parent, guardian, or other responsible person shall furnish the child’s social security number, or if they request, the district will assign the child a nine (9) digit number designated by the department of education. This number cannot be changed once it has been entered into the school’s database.
  2. The parent, guardian, or other responsible person shall provide the district with one (1) of the following documents indicating the child’s age:
    • a. A birth certificate;
    • A statement by the local registrar or a county recorder certifying the child’s date of birth
    • An attested baptismal certificate
    • A passport
    • An affidavit of the date and place of birth by the child’s parent or guardian
    • United States military identification
    • Previous school records.
  3. The parent/guardian or other responsible person shall indicate on school registration forms whether the child has been expelled from school in any other school district or is party of an expulsion proceeding. The Board of Education reserves the right, after a hearing before the School Board, not to allow any person who has been expelled from another school district to enroll as a student until the time of the person’s expulsion has expired.
  4. The child shall be age appropriately immunized from poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, red (rubeola) measles, rubella, and other diseases as designated by the State Board of Health, or have an exemption issued by the Arkansas Department of Health. Proof of immunization shall be by a certificate of a licensed physician or a public health department acknowledging the immunization. Exemptions are also possible on an annual basis for religious reasons from the Arkansas Department of Health. To continue such exemptions, they must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. A child enrolling in a district school and living in the household of a person on active military duty has 30 days to receive his/her initial required immunizations and 12 months to be up to date on the required immunizations for the student’s age.
  5. The parent, guardian, or other responsible person must submit the child’s Medicaid card (if applicable). 6. A student enrolled in the District who has an immunization exemption may be removed from school during an outbreak of the disease for which the student is not vaccinated at the discretion of the Arkansas Department of Health. The student may not return to school until the outbreak has been resolved and the student’s return to school is approved by the Arkansas Department of Health.